RF 3 Keys Triac Dimmer-UL Listed LED Flat Panel Lights, LED Bathroom Mirrors-ECOLORS LED
RF 3 Keys Triac Dimmer
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RF 3 Keys Triac Dimmer

Wireless 3 key radio frequency triac dimmer adopts advanced computer control chip, adopts high-voltage MOS transistor as the control circuit to achieve trailing edge dimming. It is used for controlling a variety of lamps which connects with triac power supply, and also can be connected with high-voltage LED load light; it has many advantages such as convenient to connect, easy to use and others. According to customer's actual demand can realize the dimming function.



Item No.:                                  RTD014
Input Voltage:                            AC90-240V (50-60Hz)
Output:                                     1A / 1CH 
Max Watts:                               110V - 110W
                                                 220V - 200W
Input Connection:                     2 Wires AC(L/N)
Output Connection:                  2 Wires AC(L/N)
Dimming type:                          Trailing Edge Dimming
Dimension:                               (L)104 x (W)68 x (H)30 mm
Rating:                                      Indoor
Operating Temp:                      -20-60°C

Launch / Receive Frequency:      433.92 MHz

Max remote distance:               20 meter

Certification:                             CE, RoHS
Warranty:                                  2 Years