Infrared 12-Key Triac Dimmer-UL Listed LED Flat Panel Lights, LED Bathroom Mirrors-ECOLORS LED
Infrared 12-Key Triac Dimmer
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Infrared 12-Key Triac Dimmer

High pressure infrared 12 key panel dimmer is a section dedicated to LED lighting intelligent dimming controller. Using thyristor phase dimming technology, user can adjust brightness by hand knob as well as IR wireless remote control to distance dimming. It is suitable for business or family standard type 86 switch socket low box installation, can be surface mounted or dark outfited. It is commonly used for controlling various kinds of high voltage lights which connects with triac power supply. With 1CH of output power this dimmer can dim up to 150W. The grayscale has 128 levels, features custom function, delay shutdown function and fixed gray output function.



Item No.:                                   ITD012
Input Voltage:                            AC90-240V (50-60Hz)

Output:                                     1 Channel phase control

Max Watts:                               150W
Input Connection:                     2 Wires AC(L/N)
Triac Output Connection:          2 Wires AC(L/N)
Dimming type:                          Leading-edge Dimming
Dimension:                               (L)87 x (W)87 x (H)47 mm
Rating:                                      Indoor
Operating Temp:                      -20-60°C
Certification:                             CE, RoHS
Warranty:                                  2 Years